The promise of personalized, 1-to-1 marketing has never been more real than it is today. We've been living in a digital world for 15 years now and the volume of available information on each of us is growing exponentially every day. While it's critically important to maintain everyone's right to privacy, leading marketers and advertisers today are using Big Data to improve customer's lives. Helping them find the products they want and need more easily and efficiently without all the clutter makes them happier campers.

Unfortunately, few marketers have all the data they need to increase message relevance and personalization. Without the necessary data, your customers are just anonymous, blurry pictures of their real selves. This blurry image makes it impossible to deliver relevant, personalized marketing.

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A16E Append & Profile

We turn anonymous users into High-Value Customers.

Our Append & Profile solution allows you to develop rich, detailed profiles of your best customers and prospects. This solution is powered by the A16E Consumer Database, the largest 100% online originated, multi-channel consumer database containing 250 million unique individuals, representing 98% of all adults in the US. We use this unique data asset to round out your database and connect your customer data to over 800 data elements. This allows you to better target your media and personalize your marketing message to each customer and prospect. The end result is increased relevance and dramatically improved customer engagement.

To maximize the impact on your business, you can put these insights into action in several ways.

  1. Refine your online advertising plan to micro-target your audience in search, display and affiliate marketing
  2. Bid more aggressively for High-Value Customers (HVC's) in all online media based on a more accurate lifetime value profile
  3. Implement custom audiences in Facebook to target each ad directly to High-Value Customers and prospects

How A16E Append & Profile Works With Facebook

Once we have executed our Append & Profile solution, we will have a precise profile of your High-Value Customers. Then, we can analyze the A16E Consumer Database to find other customers who match the same profile. Finally, we extract the permission email addresses of these customers and upload them into Facebook. Facebook matches our list against theirs and defines a custom audience for you to use in your Facebook Ad Campaigns. The result is a custom segment of High-Value Customers for you to target precisely right on Facebook.

Unique Features

  • Enhanced by the A16E Consumer Database, the largest 100% online originated, multi-channel consumer database containing 250 million unique individuals, representing 98% of all adults in the US
  • Develop rich, detailed customer profiles by appending over 800 data elements in batch or real-time
  • Measure your current market penetration for each segment based on all data elements appended and compared to the US population
  • Leverage profile of each customer to improve relevance of marketing messages
  • Track market penetration by segment compared to the universe of US consumers over time
  • Implement personalized advertising on Facebook with our Facebook Integration Solution


Is This Solution For Me?

A16E Append & Profile is a fit for you if you meet any of the following criteria.

  • You are a B2C company
  • You don't have a deep, rich profile of precisely who your High-Value Customers are
  • You are unsure how to target your online advertising and which segments to really focus on
  • You are currently advertising on Facebook
  • You advertise on Google SEM Adwords platform
  • You are in the e-commerce market, selling products and services to consumers
  • You send the same marketing message to each customer
  • You are in online lead generation or e-commerce markets
  • You want increased customer revenue, usage and profitability
  • You want to perform better as a marketer and get promoted at your company 


Available Data Elements

The A16E Consumer Database provides us with a unique ability to fill in contact gaps within customer records. This includes email addresses, postal addresses and phone numbers that have all been properly collected using 100% permission-based methods. Enhancing the base customer record enables the marketer to access a full range of demographic, lifestyle and behavioral data elements.

We have over 800 data elements available in the platform today. These data are available in batch mode or in real-time using our Actionable Insight (AI) Platform.

Partial List of Data Elements - Available in Batch or Real-Time

  • Age (4)
  • Income (1)
  • Net Worth (4)
  • Occupation (11)
  • Gender (1)
  • Education Level (2)
  • Marital Status (1)
  • Ethnicity (1)
  • Small Office Home Office (3)
  • Dwelling / Home Data (3)
  • Home Value (3)
  • Home Ownership (1)
  • Household Composition (1)
  • Length of Residence (2)
  • Presence of Children (12)
  • Presence of Grandchildren (1)
  • Mail Responder (2)
  • Pet Ownership (3)
  • Collectible Buyers (9)
  • Credit Card Holders (10)
  • Diet Product Buyers (4)
  • Veteran In Home (1)
  • Hobbies by Hobby Type (24)
  • Technology Ownership by Type (2)
  • Own motorcycle (1)
  • Own RV (1)
  • Own swimming pool (1)
  • Buyer By Product Category (77)
  • Investment By Product Type (6)
  • Music Preference by Type (10)
  • Reading Preference by Type (22)
  • Charitable Donor by Type (11)
  • Sporting Interest by Type (20)
  • Travel Interest by Type (9)