Mass advertising is dead. No one likes to be treated like a generic customer. Everyone is unique and special. We all have different needs, preferences and desires. We want the power to define our experiences and make them our own. It's really just this simple -- we want to be treated like the special person we are.

In today's highly-competitive markets, generic messages just don't work. We all leave a big data trail everywhere we go. Our digital footprint provides an opportunity to mine this information and personalize the marketing messages that reach each one of us, giving us the personalized experience we all deserve. 

If you're not mining these data to personalize your marketing messages to your customers, you are at a competitive disadvantage. Those who are building market share today treat every customer as they are special.

The problem is, customers aren't eager to tell us everything about themselves. Customers are too busy to fill out long forms or answer lengthy surveys. Because they live busy lives. This creates a big data gap. Key pieces of information are missing or are simply not available to deliver personalized marketing.


A16E Data-Driven Personalization

We use data to personalize your website and email marketing messages to customers.

Our Data-Driven Personalization platform is for online marketers who want must engage their customers more deeply to deliver better results and be more competitive. Our platform is a big data personalization engine that provides a better, more personalized experience for each individual customer, making marketing messages and website content more personal and effective. Unlike collaborative filtering or simple rules-based solutions, our platform uses sophisticated predictive analytics technology to analyze past behavior and predict what customers want, even before they even know they want it. 

Unique Features

  • A16E Consumer Database, the largest 100% online originated, multi-channel consumer database containing 250 million unique individuals, representing 98% of all adults in the US

  • 4D Data Model incorporates all relevant customer data from inside and outside the business

  • Full arsenal of demographics, lifestyle, behavioral and transactional data for every consumer in the US

  • Advanced machine learning software and algorithms that automatically get smarter over time

  • Robust personalization engine which accurately matches the right product with the right customer

  • Real-time technology platform that enables real-time decisioning to be used in dynamic web content applications and email marketing

  • Dynamic A/B testing to allow for precise measurement and analysis of the impact of personalization on critical marketing and business metrics


Is This Solution For Me?

A16E Data-Driven Personalization Technology is a fit for you if you meet any of the following criteria.

  • You are in the e-commerce market, selling products and services to consumers

  • You are in the online lead generation market and are trying to convert consumer leads into paying customers

  • You have a website that shows the same content to each customer

  • You send the same email marketing message content to each customer on your email list

  • You don't currently have an accurate, automated way to determine which products to sell to which customers based on sophisticated algorithms that predict customer behavior

  • You want increased customer revenue, usage and profitability

  • You want to perform better as a marketer and get promoted at your company