Our Scoring Platform Is Your Competitive Advantage



Junk data in means junk results out. Data and lead quality issues are devastating to marketing efficiency. According to leading experts, as much as 67% of internet traffic comes from automated bots and not from real people. Putting invalid, junk data into your database and CRM system creates tremendous waste and prevents you from achieving your marketing goals.


AI Platform. Artificial Intelligence, Actionable Insight.

Two to Four Times More Effective Than Targus/Neustar.

When we started working on big quality problems for customers, we knew we would have to bring something new to the table. After countless customer tests and millions of records analyzed, we finally figured out how to great better separation between good and bad leads and customer data. Our secret sauce is our proprietary data and algorithms. We can deliver superior scoring performance because we have assets our competitors don't. 

In head-to-head scoring tests, our scoring engine outperformed industry-leading provider Targus/Neustar two to four times. This is not a trivial difference. 2x improvement in scoring efficiency means our customer was able to cut their acquisition costs in half! 4x means they could cut their acquisition costs down to 25% of what is it today.

In a recent customer study, Acquisition Science was able to improve cost-per-customer efficiency by 59% versus current conversion performance. For a regional marketing company, these results translated to an incredible $16 million per year in savings on marketing spend.

These are strong results and we believe they are unprecedented in the industry.

59 percent value prop.png

How do we do it?

We integrate four different types of customer data and turns them into Actionable Insight for our customers. One of these is the World's Largest Known Fraud Database, a proprietary data source we custom built for breakthrough levels of fraud detection. In addition to data, our scoring engine was built for the age of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Unlike competing batch modeling solutions, our AI scoring platform continuously improves its algorithms and gets smarter as new lead data are added. The result is an entirely new level of lead performance and efficiency that simply wasn’t possible before.



4D Lead Scoring

LegitLead takes scoring to a whole new level. Our proprietary 4-dimensional scoring model creates insight from data inside and outside your enterprise. Together with our known-fraud database and algorithms, LegitLead had the best scoring solution in the market today. This sophisticated technology gives you the best chance success.

Proprietary Data & Algorithms

All instances of LegitLead come with access to the world's largest and most comprehensive lead fraud database. This feature adds new levels of visibilty to trading frequency and lead legitimacy. Best of all, there is no javascript to add and no front-end integration requirements whatsoever for affiliates or lead suppliers. Since these data are pre-built into the application, it works like magic.

Automated Lead ROI

In a real-time media world, calculating lead performance manually once a quarter using Excel is too arduous. Now there’s a better way. The Actionable Insight (AI) Platform tracks lead performance six ways from Sunday. See results automatically through an award-winning framework, rendered in a beautiful interface.

Data Integration Engine

Most lead data is spread out across different systems that don't talk to each other. Source data, third-party data, validation data and customer behavioral data are imperative for optimizing quality and performance. Our Data Integration Engine pulls all your data together and connects the dots so you can make better decisions.

Real-time Tiered Pricing

LegitLead’s innovative Real-time Tiered Pricing engine allows lead buyers to right price their leads in real time. Lead buyers can set minimum acceptance criteria to accept leads that perform, and eliminate those that don’t. Whats more, buyers can set pricing tiers right into LegitLead which tells lead suppliers exactly how much the buyer is willing to pay. The result is an entirely new way to run and optimize online lead generation programs.


Why Do I Care?

Customers who employ our scoring technology can achieve the following benefits.

  • Find the optimal balance between quality and volume.

  • Achieve new levels of customer acquisition efficiency and growth

  • Improve customer acquisition efficiency from 50 to 400%

  • Measure the impact of vendors, technologies and business practices 

  • Finally measure quality in a precise, actionable way that drives meaningful business results 



There are three commonly used applications for this technology.

  • Validation. Remove junk and invalid data before it enters your system and gums up the works.

  • Fraud detection. Detect lead and data fraud from affiliates, search marketing and display advertising.

  • Multi-Point Scoring. Our Multi-Point Scoring Engine calculates over 29 quality metrics in real time, every time a new record is posted to our cloud-based application. Then, we give our customers a dial so they set quality levels dynamically to find the right balance between quality and volume.